Revit Structure Bracing

I have recently found a good way of representing bracing in a horizontal and vertical course view. You may have found that when viewing your horizontal/roof structural bracing in a plan view you see the following offset symbolic views:

The bracing has an offset due to the Brace symbols settings. This needs to be set in order to show vertical bracing with an offset as shown in the above image on BR1. The horizontal bracing also has the offset which does not look so good! The offset is set within the Structural Settings Dialog box as shown below.

 A simple fix for the horizontal bracing is to set the structural usage to kicker bracing. This sets the symbolic line to centre. The Object Style will also need to be set to show the Kicker Bracing as a dashed line and you will also need to delete the cross symbol in the M_Connection-Brace-Kicker family file.

You will then see the following detail below.

Hope this helps,