Tips and Tricks when creating Revit Structural Framing families

Those of you that were able to attend our Revit Structure 2012 forum will have seen the presentation on Revit content creation. One very important aspect of this is the various settings within the Family Category and Parameters dialog box. Typically, these settings control how your family file operates within a project. Here are some tips and tricks for framing families.

Notice the crazy dimensions on the framing!

The Structural Framing Length Round off parameter controls the physical accuracy of the beam you are modelling. This can have a significant impact on the scheduling of structural framing. As you can see, this also controls the dimensioning of this framing element within a project. It is also significant when scheduling beams and will affect the count when rounding is used.

Many of you may have wondered how Revit Structure understands when to cut back a beam and when to create a monolithic structure.

This functionality is simply controlled by the Structural Material Type within the Family Category and Parameters dialog box. See below.

Here you can see the settings for a Steel Beam family.

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I do plan to create some tutorials on this area and perhaps even some YouTube videos!



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One Response to Tips and Tricks when creating Revit Structural Framing families

  1. zdzichu says:

    everything fine except monolithic concrete beams which are joined together in the angle less then 90 degrees 🙂
    changing beams family to a different one with precast concrete material category solves it in the half way. There is individual extra work in each place to cut them along reference plans, but in the rest of beam in the project we are getting extra cutback form the columns and other orthogonal beams. It’s generating extra work only, so each solution isn’t good 😦
    I wonder why it’s so difficult for Autodesk to make a tool for cutting EVERYTHING to any reference plan.
    Simply tool: Trim/extend (EACH KIND OF ELEMENT) to ANY face/surface/reference plan/line

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