Locating 2D details in Revit Structure

Sometimes it can be a real challenge trying to find 2D details within the Revit Structure library. A few years back I noticed that there is a 2D DWF file located in the root of the Detail Components folder. This has 30 drawing sheets with all the graphic 2D details and the folder locations. If you have your own libraries of 2D details it is a good idea to add these to the DWF file. Below you can see a screen shot of the DWF page showing fastners.


The DWF can be located in Windows 7 here:

 C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RST 2012\Libraries\UK


7 thoughts on “Locating 2D details in Revit Structure

  1. I followed your path but with the version of windows 7 I have, I could’t find the files. Is there another location where they might be?

  2. Hi Tim,

    The easiest way to locate your file path to the Metric Detail library is to click Options and then the File Locations tab. Here you will see the Places Button. Click this and you will see the file path. Hope this helps?

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Sorry for the delay in the reply. Unfortunately word press will not allow me to upload a DWF file, a real pain! It will definitely be on your system somewhere, the easiest way to locate this is to go to options in Revit, then click the file locations tab, click the places button and you will have a link to the Detail Components folder. It is in the root of this folder.
      Another approach is to place a detail component in Revit and while in the load family dialog box, navigate to the detail components folder. Right click on any file and select properties. This will show you the file location of the detail components folder. It could well be on a central server if you are working in a large company,


      1. Thanks for the info Lawrence. I finally installed the UK library and I now see it. Not sure why they didn’t do the same for US, US imperial and Canadian libraries. I have put it up here if anyone else is interested, although I now see that your detail components folder is organized differently it is super useful to see graphically all that is in there. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14559880/DetailComponents-Browsable-PlotableSheets.dwf (2.65 MB)
        Best regards,

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