Revit Structure 2012 Extensions

Many of us have eagerly awaited news and the release date of the Revit Structure 2012 extensions from Autodesk. I have now installed these tools and thought I would quickly post some of the new and improved features. Here is a list of the new and updated features:

  • Floor Vibrations Analyzer (New Feature)
  • Gravity Column Designer (New Feature)
  • Ribbon Integration (See above Image)
  • Column Reinforcement
  • Beam Reinforcement
  • Content Generator
  • Reinforcement Extensions
  • Rebar Interferences Extension
  • CIS/2 Import Extension
  • Steel Connections

There are too many improvements to these tools for one post so I will review each new and improved feature in the coming weeks. If you want to install the Revit Structure 2012 extensions then download them from the Autodesk Subscription site.


4 thoughts on “Revit Structure 2012 Extensions

  1. i would to ask something :
    when i choose automatic reinforcement generation , how it he work , i mean that the reinfocement put in the model withot analysis , the reinforcemet true or false , please some one answer my questions very fast ?

    and thank you

    1. Hello Mohammad,

      The automatic reinforcement macro is not based on design and simply uses multiple macros to populate a model. It’s not really worth using. If you have Robot then you can pass the RC member from Revit to Robot and calculate the correct diameter and spacing of rebar

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