Revit Structure 2012 to AutoCAD Structural Detailing Tutorial


As promised I am going to take you through the process of connecting a steel model created within Revit Structure 2012 to AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2012 (ASD) and generate some fabrication details that we can link back into Revit Structure utilising a drafting view.


ASD is a very comprehensive application that can generate fabrication drawings for steel detailers and also generate drawings and schedules for reinforced concrete. In this tutorial we will focus in on the steel fabrication. This can be really useful for providing typical connection details within your Revit Structure projects and is certainly quicker than creating the various 2D details within Revit, especially when more than one view is required.

I wanted to keep the tutorial fairly ‘snappy’ ,being restricted to just 15 minutes in YouTube, so have limited this to the basics but as with any complex design tool, templates rule! You will need to invest some time to get a good set of templates together for ASD and get the various dimension and annotation settings configured. This can be a very daunting task, see a typical dialog box below! mmm

However, once this is done, the production of fabrication drawings and CNC code becomes very quick and easy. Also it is worth noting that ASD contains quite a few links to ROBOT Structural analysis. Note that this will also import an engineer’s model from ROBOT which can be quite handy.

I hope that this has given you a basic introduction to the features and techniques needed to transfer models from Revit Structure to ASD.



About lawrenceh

I am employed by Excitech, one of the largest Autodesk resellers in the UK, to provide training and other services such as implementation and project support to our clients. The main products I get involved with are Autodesk Revit Structure, Dynamo & Autodesk Inventor. My personal interests include aviation, engineering and walking.
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13 Responses to Revit Structure 2012 to AutoCAD Structural Detailing Tutorial

  1. danieljdeal says:

    Great Video. I’ve just started w/ revit in the last few years, so learning ASD has been the hurdle I haven’t been able to cross. This looks like an excellent tool. Can you import back into Revit? Also, in ASD, how difficult are “Custom” connections or does the library take care of most conditions. Thanks for putting the video together

  2. lawrenceh says:

    I think ASD has been a mystery to many users, some not even realising that they have this as part of the Revit Structure suite. You can link the 2D drawings back into Revit as a drafting view. This enables the drafting view to update if you change the connections. You could potentially bring the 3D connections into Revit but they would just be ACIS solids, probably not a good idea. However, for coordination purposes, you could bring both into Navisworks if needed. ASD does come with over 50 connections and it is possible to create bespoke connections using your own plates, drill holes and bolt configurations,

  3. Ahmed says:

    Perfect, well done we are expecting more in this missing part of autodesk products.

  4. Vitti says:

    Donde puedo ubicar un tutorial de ASD para descargarlo

  5. Daryl says:

    Quick question. Can you run AutoCAD structural detailing without AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite?

    Thanks for your help

  6. lawrenceh says:

    Hi Daryl

    ASD is only available as part of the Autodesk Revit Structure and AutoCAD Plant 3D Suite. It would be beneficial to purchase Revit Structure as this will help with many other aspects of structural drafting.

    Hope this helps,


  7. joby kannamparambil george says:

    Too many softwares are there.which one is going to help.this is the most important question
    Hope for the developement of revit structure software

  8. Pisey says:

    Dear Lawrenceh ! I have read many post relating to revite structure. It really make more interesting to start using with this software. I have tried many time to be easy getting start with it. But, in revite structure, there are many tool which make me very trouble. So could you please give me any idea or some documents that is able to make me start understand Revite Structure in short time? Normally, I understand Robot Structural analysis and use acad for drafting.

  9. Jonathan says:


    Anyone there to help me?? I need to know how to personalize a title block as per company’s standards incorporating proper drawing description, project name & logos, sheet numbering, etc..on AUTOCAD STRUCTURAL DETAILING. I have search almost everywhere on the net but still could not find the solution on this problem. I tried opening a standard template and customizing the title bock from there and saving as .dwt and referring the template on options. After generating a drawing the title block I made is not used. What am I exactly doing wrong??


  10. farzeen says:

    Ilike it and studiying in rivit structiral details

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