Service Openings through Beams

In a post a few months back I outlined a quicker way of producing openings in beams using a customised framing family within Revit Structure 2011. see link

Link you YouTube Tutorial:

I was asked the same question again last week and thought I would revisit the problem using some of the new Revit Structure 2012 features. I created a new line based family and made a void sweep with three instance parameters for the Length, Width and fillet Radius and then set the steelwork to ‘cut with voids when loaded’. This worked a treat and is a much quicker, more controllable way of creating openings in steelwork.

If any of you would like a YouTube video tutorial on how to create this family then let me know!



About lawrenceh

I am employed by Excitech, one of the largest Autodesk resellers in the UK, to provide training and other services such as implementation and project support to our clients. The main products I get involved with are Autodesk Revit Structure, Dynamo & Autodesk Inventor. My personal interests include aviation, engineering and walking.
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4 Responses to Service Openings through Beams

  1. davidl says:

    Very handy, a YouTube vid would be great

  2. Jo Moens says:

    A video would be nice.

  3. Pascal Hervet says:

    Nice tip ! just in time thanks

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