Project Structure Generator

 Autodesk labs have just released Project Structure Generator which will take a conceptual mass and then apply a structural system based on a divided surface. Only last week was I pondering over the creation of complex geometry from conceptual models created in the massing families of Revit and showed how this can be achieved using AutoCAD NURBS and mesh modelling. I have only had a quick half hour ‘play’ with the Structure generator and already am impressed with the workflow and ease of use.


I started with a simple mass in Revit and then created divided surfaces on each face.


You then load your mass into your active project and then select the mass and on the extensions ribbon under the modelling pull down you will see Structure Generator.

Here you can configure various structural options for the creation of beams and columns as well as floor slabs and outputs to other software tools such as Robot and CBS. Here is the model in Robot.

Not too bad for half an hours work. If nothing else it is certainly an interesting tool for studying early concepts. I urge you to download this and ‘have a play’

Here is the link to Autodesk Labs:




About lawrenceh

I am employed by Excitech, one of the largest Autodesk resellers in the UK, to provide training and other services such as implementation and project support to our clients. The main products I get involved with are Autodesk Revit Structure, Dynamo & Autodesk Inventor. My personal interests include aviation, engineering and walking.
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3 Responses to Project Structure Generator

  1. Matteo Sgherri says:

    i didn’t undestand the very first step in order to make a correct mass model for the plugin. how should i divide into mesh

    • lawrenceh says:

      Hi Matteo,

      You start by creating a conceptual mass family and using Revit modelling tools to create a mass. You then divide the faces by selecting a face and choosing the required pattern from the ribbon. That’s all you need to do to get started.

  2. hamada says:

    the lab topic is not any more available please post a download link
    this is very important to me.
    thank you

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