Revit Structure Slab to AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2012


Link to YouTube Tutorial:

The current workflow to reinforce structural elements from Revit to AutoCAD Structural Detailing is currently limited to ‘standard’ objects such as beams, columns etc via the Revit Structure extensions. You may be interested in a process that I have discovered to take any object modelled in Revit Structure and then create the required formwork drawings in AutoCAD Structural Detailing and then add the reinforcement. I have used Revit Structure to model a slab but you could use any solid modelling software to produce your required geometry. Below you can see the drafting view imported into Revit Structure from ASD.

I have started in Revit Structure by creating a slab and then adding a slab edge and an in-place model of a thickening.

I can then save this as an ACIS solid and then import this into ASD (see the YouTube video for details). You will need to Union all of the solids to create a composite model. Type in UNI on the command line and select all the geometry. One this is done you can then select the Use 3D solids command in ASD.

 This will then produce the required formwork in ASD and I can proceed to reinforce the slab and take the drawing back into Revit Structure by linking the 2D drawing into a drafting view. This means that if you update the reinforcement in ASD the drafting view will also update in Revit Structure.

Here is the link to the YouTube Tutorial:



5 thoughts on “Revit Structure Slab to AutoCAD Structural Detailing 2012

  1. Very good tutorial.
    One question: Why do you need to make the reinf in 3D. And even more, why do you export back to Revit? Wasn’t ASD meant for final drawings?
    Thanks for the answer and keep them coming.


    1. Hi Lucian,

      Glad you liked the tutorial! I only created the formwork in 3D. This is just a quick method of producing a plan view and some sections from a Revit 3D Structure. I link the ASD drawings back into Revit Structure so I can issue all the drawings from the same platform. This is quite useful when using Sheet lists in Revit Structure as the RC drawings can also be added into this list.

      The current workflow in Revit is to model all the bars in 3D but I would be interested in what you and others think about this approach? I can see a value in modelling small, complex areas in 3D but maybe not for large areas of mesh?

  2. Ho, nice tutorial, vero good.
    Hi’ve a question regarding ASD and Revit, maybe Young can help me:
    Is possible to manage full 3D drawings of reinforcement and formworks (e.g. of a bunker or something live that) and then built all the drawings as we do with steel prjects?
    Thaks a loto.

    1. Hi Massimo,

      ASD only creates 3D Rebar when a macro is used such as a beam or spread footing, it will not create 3D bar from a manually placed bar configuration. You can create the 3D rebar in Revit and then produce the schedule but unfortuanaly the drawings are nit really suitable at the moment. We normally recommend producing complex areas in 3D and then replicating the drawings in ASD. This will allow for coordination and schedule verification.

      Hope this will guide your project a little,


      1. Hi Lawrence,
        Thanks for your answere…
        I’ve given a look to power rebar from bentley and it seems to be very advanced in managing of rebars and drawings…
        I’d like that also asd does the same…
        Thanks again

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