AutoCAD Structural Detailing – Steel Fabrication Drawings Tutorial

Link to YouTube Video:

Many of you have probably had a dabble with AutoCAD Structural Detailing and placed a few 3D connections on a steel structure using the automated macros and not really taken it any further! The process of creating fabrication drawings is surprisingly fast and efficient providing you have a good set of templates and a basic understanding of the workflow.

In this tutorial I thought I would share the process of going from a 3D ASD model to finished fabrication drawings. We will be looking at the following features:

  • Element Positioning – The process of assigning unique marks to each object.
  • Grouping – Organising objects into assemblies
  • Using Templates
  • Creating Printouts


Link to YouTube Video:


23 thoughts on “AutoCAD Structural Detailing – Steel Fabrication Drawings Tutorial

  1. Can you please detail a little the last part of the video? What exactly did you do?
    A little tutorial on that part would be very appreciated (by me) :)/

  2. Hi Lucian,

    Did you mean the attributes that ASD uses for the properties such as weight, position etc? If so I can email you a list of the VAR codes.

  3. I’ve watched today the presentation made by excitech. I’ll repeat some questions:
    1) About the Bolts. I’ve created a group with a connection with bolts and some profiles. When applying the style, I want to see real bolts not just a line and a bolt description. (For example in an isometric view you can see the bolts like 3D solids)
    2) About the Elevation Mark. I’ve imported a model from Revit. When trying to manually place Elevation Marks on a column assembly, it shows me a different elevation (the normal one should 9900 mm), but the elevation mark shows only 99.
    3) Unfortunately I didn’t understood the answer to the question about how to position and dimension user created part (for example a cross profile made of 2xIPE).

    1. Hi Lucian,

      I have replied to your questions on your given email address, as you can see bolts can be shown as a real representation if required by customising your view creation templates in the object inspector.

  4. sir,

    I’m a miscellaneous steel detailer for 12 years. Is ASD can model a curve metal stairs (with a channel or tube steel stringer)?

    many thanks,

    arch. jimmy tuliao

    1. Hi,

      You can model a spiral staircase but there is no option to add a stringer. The ASD method uses pre fabricated stairs. Revit Structure 2013 now allows you to use custom stringer profiles.

  5. Hi Wondering if you can provide more information on how you updated details in your title block to provide paint surface etc. how do you setup the title block etc.
    many thanks
    Richard N Australia

  6. Hi all. My crazy is design.I learning Autocad,Structure detailing and other.Autodesk structure detailing is prowerfull.I like this software.I think Autodesk Structure detailing+Autodesk Revit Structure+Autodesk Robot Structure you used.

    1. i’m very interested to learn on structural detailing on autodesk revit 2011×64. Do you any recomendation where to getthe tutorial website with clear presentation with this software.

  7. Me gustaría saber si AutoCAD Structural Detailing es un programa que sustituye o es un complemento para el programa de autocad

  8. Hello
    I am new to Structural Detailing. I am trying to change all dimensions and table style to Mongolian code( Country:Mongolia). We are using metric system for structural drawing. Could you send me your structural detailing file for me. I had tried a lot but I could not costumize it for me. If i use your file, It is going to be so easy to costumize … my email is
    I think it is not hard for u to send your any file on structural detailing
    Please reply to me

  9. I am a fabricator in the US – There is very LITTLE on support for this product, both in the software itself and online. Is there any other support for ASD 2014 or training? I am beginning to think that this is NOT the software to go with as it is not commonly used. Any help will be appreciated.

    1. ASD is not being developed anymore but will remain in the Suites for at least the next year. Autodesk recently acquired Graitec Advance Steel which will be the best Autodesk product for fabrication. This is also available as a stand alone product and works on an AutoCAD platform.

      Hope this helps.

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