Revit Structure 2013 to Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2013

Analyze Ribbon – Revit 2013

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5 Responses to Analyze Ribbon – Revit 2013

  1. medo gemy says:

    plz i dont have this option in my revit 2013 , how i can get it and how i can make it as option in my revit
    pls answer me

    • lawrenceh says:

      You will need to have Robot Structural Analysis installed to see this option. If you are using other tools such as CSC products then these are normally located on the add ins ribbon.

  2. medo gemy says:

    plz deer , how can i get this application

  3. medo gemy says:

    yes i have Robot Structural Analysis installed but iam still set up revit structural and i havent this option (structural analysis which have analysis code chek or the analyze in cloud ) plz , toold me how i can get that option in my program

    • lawrenceh says:

      How did you install Robot? If it was installed from the Building Design Suite then this will automatically be seen. If you have installed RSA as a stand alone product then you may have to run a repair. The analysis in the cloud is only available for subscription

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