Pile Coordinate Scheduling for Revit Structure 2013

The popular Excitech Revit toolkit has now been updated to fully support Revit 2013 enabling users to schedule pile coordinates and most Revit elements to show X,Y and Z coordinates.

The great news is that the toolkit is entirely free and can be downloaded here:


The installation process is very quick and registration and activation is instantaneous if you have an internet connection. Included with the toolkit is a comprehensive user manual which guides the user through the operation as well as installation.

Here is a link to my YouTube video showing a very quick example:


Have Fun,


17 thoughts on “Pile Coordinate Scheduling for Revit Structure 2013

  1. Hi Lawrence.

    I am trying to install Excitech Toolkit. I cannot find the installer for the Revit 2013 release. The 2012 one does not work on Revit 2012


  2. Lawrence,
    I have inherited a project which uses ootb pilecaps & piles.

    the piles famliy within each pilecap family are loaded in (I’m assuming this is nested) but I cannot schedule them using your toolkit.

    I notice in your video that you can tab to select the pile within the project, I cannot do this.

    do you have any ideas? do I need to create my own families from scratch?



    1. Hi, if you open up the pile family, select the family categories and parameters and make sure that the pile is shared. Do the same for the pile cap and then you should be able to tab select and schedule.

      1. I have don this but when I load the family back in, it deletes the existing one and says “There are identical instances in the same place. This will result in double counting in schedules.”

  3. Stupid question, but i’m going to ask it anyway. Can we use your toolkits in LT versions of Revit or is it like Autocad you can only run lisp routines if you have the full blown version?

    I’m thinking of getting Revit but as a one man band the cost of the full blown version and LT is huge. As an Engineer I don’t really need the ability of being able to produce photo-realistic rendering but not to sure whether not having the Reinforcement or Trusses options will be a hindrance any advice or comments would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Lewis, Unfortunately the tool kit will not work with Revit LT as Revit LT does not allow add ons and extensions of this nature. A work around may be to export the coordinated piling plan to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and use enhanced attribute extraction which would allow you to extract the Easting, Northing and Pile diameter but would not give you cut-off levels.

  4. Hi there, I’m sorry to ask but my coordinates that are generated are different to the ones i get with the spot coordinate button (Revit 2015). I have copied the coordinates from a survey cad file i received. Is there something I’m doing wrong? All the Grid N/E match the architects setout when I use the spot coordinate command.

    1. Hi, you will need to check to see if your coordinates are reading from the project base point or the survey point. The Excitech coordinate schedule tool has both options available.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I saw that in your video but my version installed doesn’t have the pull down menu or option. Can I send you a screen shot? Also I’m not using the Excitech family’s. This is something that has been asked for at a later date.
        What do you think? Thanks in advance.

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