Revit 2013 to AutoCAD Civil3D

Over the last few weeks I have been asked about integration between Revit Structure and Civil 3D and Bentley MX and what can be transferred from each platform. I thought I would update you all on the various workflows that are available and how you can effectively use civil surfaces, alignments and corridors within Revit Structure. Below is a sample model I have been working on to test workflows, coordination and structures in Revit. I have made use of the bridge modelling toolkit and adaptive components for lighting and parapets.

The key tool needed for the integration to work correctly is the Revit extensions available to all subscription customers. Once you have this installed you can use the Civil Integration tools to transfer TOPO surfaces, corridors and alignments.

In the below example I have Civil 3D installed and the drawing open but if you do not have Civil 3D then you will need a LandXML file which contains all the relevant information such as the surfaces, corridors etc.

I have then run the Civil 3D integration as shown below and transferred the surfaces and corridor models to Revit Structure 2013. It is worth noting that you can only transfer one surface at a time but can of course run the integration multiple times to bring in other required corridors and surfaces.

You can also update and refresh the Revit model from Civil 3D and, if required transfer the bridge structures back into Civil 3D or to Navisworks for further coordination.

I do plan to provide a YouTube tutorial on this subject and deal with more examples of interaction with Civil 3D and Bentley MX.

Hope this helps,