Revit 2013 – Controlling Revisions

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I have had numerous questions around the control of revisions within a Revit model, in particular the use of a dual system of revision entry such as:

PRILIMINARY                     P1,P2 etc

FOR TENDER                       T1,T2, etc


Although the Revit revision system is not perfect you can still utilise the in-built tool by making use of other parameters that are available.

It is good practice to add the revision clouds to the drawing sheet and not to the views as there are certain items that will not accept a revision. It is also advisable to only show the revisions that have occurred on the current drawing sheet as opposed to project wide.

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AutoCAD Design Script from Autodesk Labs

Stumbled across this a few days back and thought I would take a look, purely out of interest to see if it could be a competitor to Bentley GC or Rhino Grasshopper™. Although this has only been released for AutoCAD I like the idea that Autodesk are still looking at generative design and geometry creation tools.

You can download Design Script here:

I have had a quick look at the tool and it still is fairly reliant on a knowledge, and will, to create code to generate the geometry. I downloaded a sample model and ‘played’ with the variables which did give some interesting results.

It looks to be a fairly good tool but I would prefer to see an interface a little like Grasshopper which makes use of graphical tools and sliders to control the geometry and model. The current model is more suitable for those with a programming background. Anyway, take a look as it could be in Revit before long!




Inserting Special Symbols into Revit

A real quick topic but something I’ve been meaning to post for ages. Many of you may already be using the character map but for those that are not here is a tip for adding special symbols such as Degrees, square etc.

Click the start button and type CHARMAP, select the symbol you want to use and then copy to the clip board, you can then paste this into text etc.

Another option is to use the keystroke to directly insert this into Revit. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the Character Map you will see a keystroke combination. The example on the top image is the degree symbol. The keystroke would be ALT+0176 so you hold the ALT key down and type 0176 (you need to use the number pad for this) and the symbol is inserted into Revit.