AutoCAD Design Script from Autodesk Labs

Stumbled across this a few days back and thought I would take a look, purely out of interest to see if it could be a competitor to Bentley GC or Rhino Grasshopper™. Although this has only been released for AutoCAD I like the idea that Autodesk are still looking at generative design and geometry creation tools.

You can download Design Script here:

I have had a quick look at the tool and it still is fairly reliant on a knowledge, and will, to create code to generate the geometry. I downloaded a sample model and ‘played’ with the variables which did give some interesting results.

It looks to be a fairly good tool but I would prefer to see an interface a little like Grasshopper which makes use of graphical tools and sliders to control the geometry and model. The current model is more suitable for those with a programming background. Anyway, take a look as it could be in Revit before long!