Revit Structure 2014 Tutorial – Analytical nodes

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When transferring models from Revit Structure to structural analysis tools one of the biggest issues is often that the original analytical model within Revit Structure has inconsistencies, these being isolated nodes, beams not connected etc.

Isolated Nodes

Trying to identify these issues can be time consuming and a little tricky but Revit Structure 2014 has some great new tools that can help with these issues. By Default, each node now has a read only property which enables the user to see the connectivity of the node.

Node Read Only property


Autodesk have also included two filters within the standard template which will enable you to very easily identify issues with a Revit model.

Nodes - Filter Applied


Take a look at my short tutorial video, I think this is a really useful tool for those that are transferring from Revit to Analysis.

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Revit Structure 2014 Beams & Braces – Geometric Positions

In a previous post I outlined a procedure and method of offsetting beams both in the horizontal and vertical planes whilst leaving the analytical model unaffected. In the new Revit 2014 release Autodesk have included some interesting new tools to control these offsets more effectively. Of particular interest is the new behavior of roof bracing.

2013-2014 properties

In Revit 2014 these new tools are grouped under the Geometric Position section on the properties ribbon. You can see that these positions relate to the Y and Z axis. To understand this, refer to the image showing the plan view of a beam.

Beam - Plan View

The key thing to remember is that the Y axis is the offset in plan and the Z is the offset in the vertical direction.

The offsets can either be uniform or independent. For most examples you will likely want to keep a uniform offset but I have found that the independent offset is really useful for offsetting bracing on roof members of differing depths. Notice the below image and the offset of 76mm on the end offset value to maintain a horizontal position for the CHS bracing. At last, a workable solution!


Anyway, have a play with these new tools, I am sure they will help you all.