Revit 2014 – New Rebar Tools

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In the past I have written many articles relating to the use of 3D reinforcement within Revit and each time I review the tools Autodesk add a little more functionality. In the Revit Structure 2014 release there are a number of new tools and features to aid the modelling and scheduling or rebar but still very little in the way of real drawing production.

Revit 2014 new Reinforcment tools

One of the most useful tools is the new Rebar Constraint tool which allows the user to select a bar segment and then constrain it to another target which could be another bar segment or a cover face. This will then remain constrained so that if the section size changes or you increase lengths then the bar will automatically update. Shape codes now have the option not to be influenced by hooks.

Rebar Constraints Dialog Box

Bar diameters can now be quickly visualised with the addition of sub categories for Structural rebar, previously I was using filters to control this so a very welcome addition.

Object Styles - Structural Rebar sub catagories


Another improvement is the inclusion of a rebar table which is already formatted for the UK market. However, the same problem still exists with the recognition of bars and the grouping of bar marks.

As usual I have produced a short video outlining some of these improvements and new features.






Revit Structure 2013 to Tekla Structures 18.1

Over the last few days I have been testing the transfer of various concrete and steel models from Revit Structure to Tekla Structures. I have been testing this with Tekla Structures 18.1 and Revit 2013 with a dedicated plug in that can be downloaded from Tekla, see link below:

Steel Model In Revit Structure Model in Tekla Structures

I have yet to test the transfer from Tekla to Revit 2013 as I am awaiting an install ‘Export to Software’ to enable this. Below you can see the Add in to Revit 2013 to enable the Import and Export from Tekla.

Export to Tekla

In general, the procedure seems to work fairly well although I have found an issue with the rotation of foundations when transferring via IFC from Revit to Tekla.

Foundation ProblemAnyway, as I have said I will test further and keep this page updated as this is an essential workflow between consultants and fabricators.