Revit Structure 2013 to Tekla Structures 18.1

Over the last few days I have been testing the transfer of various concrete and steel models from Revit Structure to Tekla Structures. I have been testing this with Tekla Structures 18.1 and Revit 2013 with a dedicated plug in that can be downloaded from Tekla, see link below:

Steel Model In Revit Structure Model in Tekla Structures

I have yet to test the transfer from Tekla to Revit 2013 as I am awaiting an install ‘Export to Software’ to enable this. Below you can see the Add in to Revit 2013 to enable the Import and Export from Tekla.

Export to Tekla

In general, the procedure seems to work fairly well although I have found an issue with the rotation of foundations when transferring via IFC from Revit to Tekla.

Foundation ProblemAnyway, as I have said I will test further and keep this page updated as this is an essential workflow between consultants and fabricators.



5 thoughts on “Revit Structure 2013 to Tekla Structures 18.1

  1. I was able to export from revit tekla follows.
    Amount tekla ICF model. Then he opened the structural revit 2013 and use the import tekla located in revit add-in (downloaded from the website you mentioned above).
    The truth that was imported Modeo well, I have to see what happens with large Model or have many details.
    but what I can not do, as I mentioned in the previous comment is habrir a model exported from revit to tekla, can you tell me the steps to do?, I would greatly appreciate your help.

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