Revit 2014 – New Rebar Tools

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In the past I have written many articles relating to the use of 3D reinforcement within Revit and each time I review the tools Autodesk add a little more functionality. In the Revit Structure 2014 release there are a number of new tools and features to aid the modelling and scheduling or rebar but still very little in the way of real drawing production.

Revit 2014 new Reinforcment tools

One of the most useful tools is the new Rebar Constraint tool which allows the user to select a bar segment and then constrain it to another target which could be another bar segment or a cover face. This will then remain constrained so that if the section size changes or you increase lengths then the bar will automatically update. Shape codes now have the option not to be influenced by hooks.

Rebar Constraints Dialog Box

Bar diameters can now be quickly visualised with the addition of sub categories for Structural rebar, previously I was using filters to control this so a very welcome addition.

Object Styles - Structural Rebar sub catagories


Another improvement is the inclusion of a rebar table which is already formatted for the UK market. However, the same problem still exists with the recognition of bars and the grouping of bar marks.

As usual I have produced a short video outlining some of these improvements and new features.





4 thoughts on “Revit 2014 – New Rebar Tools

  1. One of my greatest frustrations with Revit is when the rebar constraints cause a bar to move from where I place it just because Revit “thinks” it is interfering with something else. In the real world there is always going to be small interferences where bars cross, such as corner bars at beam/column joints. Typically the column bars are placed first and the beam bars are pinched together slightly to miss. the beam bars will then flex out to their correct position in the first few feet. Its is not an issue to the contractor but Revit forces the beam bars out of the corner full length of the beam which is a problem. is there anyway to over ride this? The same think happens at reveals

  2. Lawrence:

    regarding the ability to produce drawings: Did you see our app on Please mention the link to our Website with more Information and links to YouTube.
    We currently are working on an update release and hope to fulfill many of your requirements in UK, hopefully all important ones. If you like to help us, we can consider sending a beta to you..

    Thomas Fink

  3. can I ask a question relevant to Reinforcement clash detection? it will be possible to check this kind of interferences as can check with differet kind of revit model/categories?
    thanks in advance for your clarifications.
    Please Note that, will be very highly appreciated if can clarify also if this kind of check it is possible for Building Design Suite 2013 (because my Company has not been updated to 2014 version)
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Roberto, You can only check for clashes between rebar objects. For example, you can clash a link with another link but no a link with a steel beam. This functionality works with the extensions installed both in 2013 and 2014. Don’t forget that Autodesk Navisworks comes with most Autodesk Suites and will provide full clash prevention/detection.

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