Revit Structure – Beyond Buildings web seminar

Just thought I would point you to a free web seminar that we are running on the 31st July where we will be investigating the usage and collaboration between Revit Structure 2014 and Civil 3D 2014. In this particular seminar we will focus on taking data from Civil 3D to Revit Structure for the creation of a half through rail overbridge.

Revit image 1


  • Realistic workflows between Autodesk  Civil and Structural Software
  • Workflow Example: A Rail Overbridge
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D Alignment
    • Extract the corridor
    •  Import in Revit structure
    •  Design of super and sub structures
  • Workflow benefits in the real world
  • Choosing the correct Autodesk Suite for your discipline based on your project deliverables
  • Conclusion
  • Q & A

If this is of interest please register at the following webpage.



3 thoughts on “Revit Structure – Beyond Buildings web seminar

    1. Hi Lukas,

      This will be up on the excitech website within a few hours. You will need to subscribe, this is free, and then you will have access to all the webinar recordings.

      Hope this helps,


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