Revit Structure 2014 and Tekla Structures 19.1

Since the first batch of tests I ran back in May things have improved with the IFC import and export and this of course affects how we can share models between Tekla Structures and Revit. In previous versions Tekla have supplied a Revit add-in to import and export a Tekla model, this was using IFC. As you will read from my previous post this was not always that successful. All the problems now seem to be fixed with the new Revit 2014 IFC import and export. I have tested the IFC import and export and also the CIM steel import from Tekla Structures 19.1 to Revit Structure 2014. Unfortunately the SDNF import does not seem to work with either V2.0 or V3.0.

I tested the IFC export with the Below Revit Model. This incorporates two pitched roofs and some curved members including steel cuts.

Revit Model

The results are very promising in Tekla Structures 19.1, see the image below. I actually found no discrepancies with between the two models.

Tekla 19.1 Model

The main purpose of the IFC import into Tekla is to allow the fabricator to accurately build a model from the consultants Revit model. However, you can convert certain objects from the IFC file to native Tekla objects such as beams, columns, footings etc. This is clearly useful rather than building a model from scratch. I tried this on a few beams and columns and again found no discrepancies with the original Revit Structure 2014 model, however, as you would expect the stairs translated to a bounding box. See the below image including the report.

Tekla - Converting IFC objects

I also imported an IFC model from Tekla to Revit with some fairly good results that are fine for coordination purposes. I would imagine that this may be better in a product such as Navisworks but it still could be useful to import the fabrication model into Revit for drawings etc.

Revit Structure 2014 with connections

The best way to incorporate the analytical model from Tekla to Revit is to transfer the model as CIMsteel (Note that you will need to install the SDNF Import/Export for Autodesk Revit 2014). This gives you the option of transferring the analytical model

CIS2 export from Tekla Structures 19.1

I did need to edit the Analytical model in Revit as some of the nodes were not correctly joined.

CIS2 Import to Revit 2014

Anyway, a much more promising workflow between Tekla Structures 18.1 and Revit Structure 2014.