Revit 2015 – Hidden Detail Control

In previous releases of Autodesk Revit you have to add your own hidden detail into family files or use Show Hidden lines and these are then shown in the relevant views.

Revit - Show and Remove Hidden lines

However, there are issues with this method. Consider the image below showing the structural framing on a roof plan. Notice that the raking steels do not show the hidden detail of the web because they are not 90 degrees (Normal) to the view!

Revit Hidden Lines not shown on raking beams

A quick fix for this in Revit 2015 is to use the new feature of Show Hidden Lines which is found in the Properties Palette for views such as plans, elevations, sections etc. Revit 2015 - Properties - Show Hidden Lines

In the below example I have set this feature to all so all hidden detail is shown. Note that you may have to change your View range settings to allow Revit to show hidden detail of objects outside of this range.


Hidden Detail - Revit 2015

The new Show Hidden Lines command has the following options:

Revit 2015 - Options




2 thoughts on “Revit 2015 – Hidden Detail Control

  1. Hi Lawrence,

    I was really exited about this broader “hidden line” function but am now as much disapointed because I’m facing the fact that it doesn’t yet work while documenting (structural concrete) objects which are in Linked RVTs ! sometimes some partial dashed lines appears like for slabs in plan view but nothing in elevations and sections…. despite having set the hidden lines visibility to “All”

  2. I did some experimentation with this and have found that the discipline should be set to structural and the hidden line visibility to ‘by discipline’ This worked for me with a couple of structural projects linked into a host Revit model. I could see hidden detail in Plan, section and elevation.

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