Extended Revit Pile and Pile Cap Families



Here is a sneak preview of what will very soon be available as part of our Excitech Revit Toolkit, these familes have been designed to work with our toolkit to facilitate the scheduling of levels and piles.

Optimised for use with our Excitech Revit Toolkit, this extensive library of Pile and Pile Cap families will operate seamlessly within your structural projects and offers many new parameters to facilitate the creation of pile schedules and associated documentation. The range starts from singular piles up to groups of 14, supporting both round and square piles with differing configurations and presented using standard UK pile spacing and edge clearances in conformance to BS8110 and Eurocode 7.

Extended Revit Pile and Pile caps

We are also pleased to offer full integration with the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) and our schedules can be imported into the FPS Microsoft Excel spread sheet.

These are now live and available in 2013,2014 and 2015 formats.





12 thoughts on “Extended Revit Pile and Pile Cap Families

  1. I have downloaded this tool kit in 2014 and it now works well, with getting pile co-ordinates and cut-off levels. However the 3 Pile Cap square and round is a shape that in the UK we would not use. And I’m having trouble modifying it so that it works with the kind of shape we would use. Any suggestions

  2. Hi, Lawrenceh, I am Billy Wong, a structural engineering from Hong Kong. I came across Excitech in the Revit forum and surprisingly noticed that Excitech could append the deficiency of Revit espeically in locating the X,Y,Z coordinates of piles. I downloaded the app several months ago but could not make registration recently. I really need it for my preparation of the piling schedule. Please help.

  3. Hi Lawrence,

    I have installed excitech toolkit on my computer and I am using it in Revit and thanks for that! It is very good in getting all the coordinates. I just tried to use the pile and pile cap library and couldn’t find it anywhere. Could you tell me where I can find it? Or do I need to download it separately instead?


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