Revit 2015 2D Detail Components – Download PDF Catalouge

A very quick tip to help you locate 2D detail items from the standard Autodesk Revit 2015 library. I have uploaded a 30 page PDF document that outlines each detail component and where it is located within the folder system.

Revit 2D Detail Items

Here is the link:

Autodesk Revit Detail Items



9 thoughts on “Revit 2015 2D Detail Components – Download PDF Catalouge

  1. I want to verify my structural drawings(column,beam,slabs)are over design or not.are there any software regarding this matter please

  2. If I’m understanding this correctly you are looking for an analysis package?

    Autodesk provide an analysis tool called Autodeak Robot Structural Analysis which interfaces with Revit but there are many others such as CSC building designer, Sofistik etc

  3. Hey, I must be blind or something. Where do I find the 2d vehicles, people and trees in Revit content library??? Does it even excist?

  4. Well Ive been looking everywere and still cant find it. Please show me somehow where i find them, haha this will make my day. Gaaaahhh!!!

  5. Thanks for the PDF – coincidentally I was just trying to assemble a summary sheet of these exact items today for use in our office. Now I can spend more time enjoying your blog!

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