Revit and Dynamo – Finding the Centroid (CoG) of Revit elements

I was recently asked by a contractor if Revit could report on the centroid of selected objects to facilitate crane lifts. For those of you that know Revit well the answer if normally no. However, Dynamo is really useful for this sort of task. I have created a simple family to represent the Centroid and added three shared parameters to report on the X,Y and Z coordinates.


As you can see from the above Dynamo graph the method is fairly simple and can be really useful for a number of scenarios in construction planning.

Here is a quick video showing the use of the Dynamo Graph.



About lawrenceh

I am employed by Excitech, one of the largest Autodesk resellers in the UK, to provide training and other services such as implementation and project support to our clients. The main products I get involved with are Autodesk Revit Structure, Dynamo & Autodesk Inventor. My personal interests include aviation, engineering and walking.
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6 Responses to Revit and Dynamo – Finding the Centroid (CoG) of Revit elements

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  3. Tom Panzenhagen says:

    Thank you for this post, very helpful. Is it possible to get the dimensions (Length and Width) from a specific corner of the element to the center of gravity? If so, any suggestions on how to pull that information?

    • lawrenceh says:

      Hi Tom,

      We can get the bounding box and then work out the x and y from the centroid. It will depend on the shape of the element. Perhaps we could get a parameter value for length or width and get the value?

      • Tom says:

        I was not able to find a way to link the two (centroid and the bounding box) so gave up on that. But thanks for the suggestion.

  4. nancy says:

    @ Lawrenceh – Can I have clearer image of the dynamo graph? or a file sample . I have the same problem and this would really help me so much!

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