Revit – 3D Grids

One thing I often notice when training new users on Revit is the question ‘Can I see the grids in 3D?’ to which the answer has traditionally been ‘no’!

Revit 3D Grids

Based on this I will now run through a quick tutorial to show you how to both use and create a 3D grid utilising Dynamo.  The basic idea is to select all the grids within a project, get the curves of the grid and then place 3D custom families on these points to replicate the grid. I have created the families with the correct sub categories so the grids can be switched on and off as you probably will not want to see the grids in plans and elevations.

3D Grids - Sub Categories

The Grid Head family uses 3D model text with a parameter attached to receive the actual grid reference. The grid line is modelled with an adaptive two point family with a control for the diameter.

Revit 3D Grids

If you are interested to see how everything works then take a quick look at the attached YouTube video where I run through the Dynamo Script in detail and show the various families.

Hope this helps,


11 thoughts on “Revit – 3D Grids

  1. Really great, simple use of Dynamo. Its a shame that you can’t host the script and families on your blog, I’m sure lots of people would find them really useful.

  2. Hi Lawrenceh, Once again, great blog and video, Is there any chance you could forward me this script and family please? I am in the process of updating our company template and I think this would be a great addition.

  3. Great post Lawrenceh
    Could forward me this script and families please?
    Thanking you in advance.

    ps. Maybe you could set up a Dropbox folder for all your great scripts and families.

  4. Hey Lawrence, I really like the tutorial! I’m not too familiar with Dynamo but would like to learn and do need to create 3D grids. Would you be able to forward me the files to perform this? I’m using Revit Arch 2018. Also, is there an easy way to change the circle to a triangle for easier snapping?

  5. Thank you for a very useful video. Can you please send me the families you have created for this?
    Have you thought of including levels as well?

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