Revit – Stripping Views and Sheets from the model prior to upload to CDE

Many Consultants will have the requirement to strip out all the views, schedules, CAD links and sheets from a model prior to issuing; this is done for a number of reasons such as file size reduction and also protection. If the model is simply for coordination then there is no need to see any of these elements.

Revit - Dynamo Player to Strip Views from Project

You can of course remove all the elements manually from the project but this is very time consuming. You can also purchase apps that will automate these operations but for the few times a month that you need this it is better to use this Dynamo script!

Below you can see a quick video of the Dynamo Script working with Dynamo Player (Revit 2018.1). I also show and explain each element of the script.

Here is the script that you can recreate for your own use. Unfortunalty I cannot directly host the Dynamo script on my blog site.

Strip Views from Revit - Dynamo Graph

Hope this helps,


9 thoughts on “Revit – Stripping Views and Sheets from the model prior to upload to CDE

  1. Great as always Lawrence! Confused me for a minute when I tried to build it in 2017 and found Schedules were not available.

    Is there a way to preserve a name schedule or view using this method, deleting the rest?


    1. Hi Lee, Yep, the Categories keep changing but I think they make sense in Dynamo 1,3,1. You can preserve views by adding a ‘string contains’ node and then filtering on the boolean mask. You could also add an input into Dynamo Player to allow the user to type the name of the schedule to remain!

  2. Great Use of dynamo, I have modified this a bit to work with a Data-Shapes UI form so that it works on earlier versions of Revit. I have also modified it so that We can toggle whether to keep View that contain FK EXPORT in the View Name. However I am having trouble with the clockwork Links node, it doesn’t appear to return the linked Revit files and so doesn’t remove them.Do you have any Ideas?

    Thanks Darren

  3. Hi Lawrence,

    I have been trying to recreate your script but I am having trouble.

    My first issue is that in the Categories node there does not seem to be a ‘Schedules’ item from the list (it now only shows ‘Schedule Graphics’) is there another way I could find schedules to purge them?

    Finally, the node from clockworks ‘document.linksandimports’ but it will not work with the latest version of Dynamo (2.0.1). Does anybody know if there’s a similar node that would do the same trick?

    Thanks for your time!

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