RC Detailing Tutorial – Revit 2019

In this short tutorial we will look at the reinforcement of a simple column and foundation. The reinforcement is modelled manually to show you how reinforcement bar is placed in elements. We then schedule the reinforcement to BS8666:2005 and produce a simple drawing.


Here is the bending schedule shown below.

RC Bending Schedule

The tutorial is using the Excitech Revit RC template but everything else is standard Revit 2019.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial?




About lawrenceh

I am employed by Excitech, one of the largest Autodesk resellers in the UK, to provide training and other services such as implementation and project support to our clients. The main products I get involved with are Autodesk Revit Structure, Dynamo & Autodesk Inventor. My personal interests include aviation, engineering and walking.
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3 Responses to RC Detailing Tutorial – Revit 2019

  1. Good evening,

    Could you make available this template or the A4 sheet family that put the hardware deviation used in the video tutorial.

    my email is nerilsonjr@gmail.com

    Nerilson Júnior

    • Barath says:

      Hi there,

      Check out the new features in the NEXTGEn Rebar Detailing Software “RGS Rebar”

      Click the link and enter into the world of RGS Rebar!


      Grab the 7 day FREE TRIAL of fully operational “RGS Rebar”!

      And learn from the BASIC to ADVANCED level of Rebar Detailing through the dedicated tutorials.

      RGS Rebar Detailing Software | Bar Bending Schedule Software


  2. Simon says:

    I am having serious trouble with revit on the side of spiral staircase rebar detailing. If you could do a video example, I will highly appreciate.

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