Revit 2021: Essentials Training for Structures

Some of you may have been Furloughed or unable to work during the current COVID-19 crisis and I am continuing to create tips and tricks, tutorials and videos that are suitable for intermediate/advanced users of Revit. However, there are many of you that are possibly still using 2D CAD applications that would like to move into Revit for project delivery, or those that may want to revisit the essential skills required to use Revit.

I have started to create a course that is FREE and hosted on my YouTube channel. Additionally, I have created a website that hosts the required datasets that are needed for the online course. Currently I have the first module created (40 mins)

Revit 2021 Training

I am continuing to build the course and hope to cover all the essentials skills to work with Revit 2021 using Steel, In-Situ Concrete & Precast Concrete. The course is project based and builds on skills learnt on previous tutorials to build a full structure from a blank template.

You can find a link to the datasets here:

and here for the YouTube Playlist:

Hope this helps people to start their Revit learning! Feel free to comment on the video series and make suggestions!




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