Revit 2017 Reinforcement Tag Alignment

Whilst providing Reinforcement Detailing training I often get asked if it is possible to align the  MRA (Multi Rebar Annotation) tags. Currently with Revit 2017 it is not possible to align the tags but I recently stumbled over a free application to achieve this task!


The application can be installed via the Autodesk Exchange Apps website by clicking the ‘X’ icon on the InfoCenter toolbar in the top right corner of Autodesk Revit.


You will now see the Autodesk App Store web page. Search for Align and then install the app from BIM 42 as shown below. (The app currently supports Revit 2016 and 2017)

BIM 42 Align Tool.png

Once the app is installed you can access the tools by selecting the Add-Ins ribbon. The tools are shown on the Align panel as shown below.


Here is the result of using the Align Left tool with a selection of MRA tags.


Overall this is a very useful set of tools for any tags that you may want to tidy up. See the GIF video below.


7 thoughts on “Revit 2017 Reinforcement Tag Alignment

  1. Nice tip! This sort of makes alignment work like it does in slide applications like powerpoint and keynote. Or maybe Visio would have been a better example to provide. Still, great info!

  2. Hi, I installed this app which appears in the Add-ins tab. It is very good indeed. Just to highlight a few steps for those who may not be able to see this quite clearly from the .gif video. There is one step that you should perform. You need to select the Multi-Rebar Annotation, click SELECT TAG on the panel and then align left or align right.

  3. Excitech has a 1 day RC Detailing course and the template is provided on this course as well as instruction on the efficient placement of bars. Other that that its a case of building up all the tags, schedules and creating the required Shared Parameters.

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