Autodesk Revit to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis – Send Options

Happy New Year and look forward to all the good things planned for 2017! A few Autodesk Revit Releases back (Revit Structure 2015), Autodesk made a change to the integration with Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis to allow the transfer of data via an Intermediate .smxx file (Structural Binary file for transfer). Whilst this new format offers some benefits, the older method did have a few additional features that have not been incorporated within the .smxx export.revit-to-robot

The most useful of these were around offsetting structural members and the use of System panels and mullions.

Here is the process of transferring offsets in Revit to offsets in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. The beams have a z Offset Value of -50 set in the Properties Palette.


When the model is ready to be transferred to Robot Structural Analysis, hold down the Ctrl Key whilst clicking the Robot Structural Analysis Link command. You can then click the Send Options and select the ‘Use drawing model offsets as analytical’ check box.


Here is the result in Robot Structural Analysis.


Some of these legacy features can be useful so the Ctrl Key can revert back to the legacy method. Please be aware that results cannot be transferred to Revit using the ‘old’ method.

Hope this helps,


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